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Weekly Schedule


10:30AM - Worship Service

All kids are encouraged and welcomed to stay in the Worship Services. We are out of the box! We actually want families to worship together. We know this may be foreign to most or even uncomfortable, but benefits of Family Worship are great!


12:00PM - Lunch After

We join together immediately following service to enjoy food. We encourage if you are visiting, to bring something you can store in the fridge or we have items to share. We use this time to dive farther into the Word and life together.


6:00PM - Family Ministry Night

We start the night off with a meal and a chance to talk/discuss life. We then move onto taking time to discuss a predetermined set of chapters from the Bible and find a topic to direct our prayers. Then we move onto open prayer forum that we want to edify the body. Once we close in prayer, we spend time digging deeper into the Word through discussions.

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