Our Mission

Grace Life is a Reformed Missional Church.  We are serious about the Scripture and People!  Our sermons are expositional directly from the Bible.  But this isn’t where we stop!  We don't see the building as the church; we see the people of God as the Church.  The Greek word for church is 'ecclesia' which means 'the called out community', which sounds more like a revolution than a building, and that is what we hope to be in Vero Beach.  A revolution for the renown of Jesus in our community.  Our gatherings have two great purposes: 1) We come together to join in worshipping our great God through song, preaching, and giving, and 2) We prepare ourselves as missionaries to the local communities of Sebastian, Vero Beach, and Ft. Pierce.

Our History

The mission of Grace Life is to “Embrace an ever-changing culture with the never-changing Word of God”.  We affirm the Bible is the inspired Word of God and the standard for our beliefs.  Grace Life subscribes to the doctrinal statement of the 2000 Baptist Faith and Message.  If you have any questions about beliefs feel free to shoot any of the staff a quick email and we would love to dialogue with you!


In the early part of 1952, the First Church of Vero Beach decided it was time to begin work on the east side of the railroad.  Our first building was a small three room cottage on Wilbur Avenue owned by Indian River Products Co. and by the help of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Buckingham, it was given to us for one year, rent free, for use as a mission. The first meeting of the mission took place on March 25, 1952.


Six acres of land was purchased from Mr. Black of Wabasso by Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Evans, who donated the property to build a permanent mission. The property was our former site at 941 18th street in Vero Beach. A chapel was erected and the name was changed from East Side Mission to the Forest Park Chapel. The first service was held on March 22, 1953.  March 27, 1955 the Forest Park Chapel ceased to exist and the Forest Park Baptist Church was constituted. One of the great highlights of the early days of Forest Park was the old time revival held in the original building with a young preacher by the name of Adrian Rogers. He had overflow crowds every night and many came to know the Lord.


As a result of the hurricanes Francis and Jeanne of 2004 the congregation decided to sell its property. On May 26, 2006 Forest Park sold its property at 941 18th St.  On June 1, 2006 Forest Park purchased the properties of the Vero Christian Church at 796 20th Ave., Vero Beach, and conducted its first day of worship at this site on July 2, 2006.  Since our property no longer looks like a forest or a park, in July of 2010 Forest Park Baptist Church changed their name to Grace Life of Vero Beach for two reasons: 1) to show our connection with the community, and 2) so our name conveys our message.