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Our Mission

The people of Grace Life desire to give unto Jesus Christ that which is His, our lives.

We desire to see His Lordship in every aspect of our lives.

We desire that the daily practice of our lives would display that He has come. By our love for one another; by rendering what is due to the lawful authority; by living peaceably with all men; by being distinct within our present culture as would be befitting of all that would name the name of Christ.

What We Believe

We affirm that the 66 books known as the Bible are inspired and infallible.

We deny that OUR understanding of the Bible is inspired and infallible.

We confess that we only know the Scriptures in part and are ignorant of many things within the Scriptures that we desire to know and understand rightly. Therefore, if anyone would show us from the Word of God the things which we do not see clearly we would have great cause to be thankful to God and them. That being said, if any man shall impose upon us anything that we see not to be commanded by our Lord Jesus Christ, we should in His strength, rather embrace all reproaches and tortures of men, to be stripped of all outward comforts, and if it were possible, to die a thousand deaths, rather than to do anything against the truths in the Word of God, or against the light of our own consciences.

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